London Editors: a unique organisation

In 2002 the UK's Inland Revenue needed a team of writers to join its Better Guidance Programme. A process was developed involving almost a hundred experienced writers taking a writing test, to establish their suitability: less than 25 percent were selected. The London Editors were all part of this hand-picked team, chosen for our experience, writing skills, and ability to progress a major government communications project.

Today you can access this talented group directly, saving you and your organisation time and expense. In doing so, you will benefit from the wide-ranging expertise of a team of specialists in the written word, who will help you overcome any communications challenge that you may face.

Combining our proven research, project management and writing skills with your special knowledge, we promise you communications that are understood - producing results that match your needs.

The bigger and more complex your communications task, the greater our confidence that London Editors will be able to help. We believe that our writing abilities and our extensive experience offer significant benefits to our clients. And because we have such a broad range of talents in our team, you can be assured of working with people who understand your requirements from the outset.

For a discussion about your general or specific requirements, without obligation, email, or call us today on 020 7060 1011.