How we work

We recognise that continuity and reliable points of contact are essential to the success of your project. In general, our procedure is as follows:

  1. The brief. If you are experienced in giving a brief and it's all ready to go, fantastic! If more preparation is needed, you can draw on our communications experience. London Editors can work with you to help define the goals, make them realistic, and complete a comprehensive brief.
  2. Having established your initial brief, we will go through any points of detail that may need better definition, with you or other members of your team.
  3. Once the outline of your project is defined, we will propose London Editors' method of working and give you an indication of budget requirements.
  4. When the outline is agreed, we’ll provide written details of timescales, costs, working methods and delivery schedules. We’ll introduce other members of the London Editors project team.
  5. During the run of the project, London Editors will provide regular reports. According to schedule - and whenever appropriate - we’ll discuss progress and work with you to ensure on-time and on-budget project completion.

That’s it. We can design the process, make it happen and manage work through to completion, ensuring continuity of approach and standard.